Descendants and Heritage

A list of the closest living descendants of María Josefa Gabriela Cariño Silang:

* The former Philippine Ambassador Rosario Cariño
* Philippine Consul Jose Maria Cariño
* Dion Cariño
* Nehemiah Cariño
* Jan Philippe Cariño
* Felipe Cariño
* Mario Cariño Merritt
* Gloman Merritt
* Glozy Merritt
* Christian Merritt

Belonging to the family of the first Galician who arrived in Candon in late 17th century, Ignacio Cariño. Gabriela Silang, the noted Ilokano revolutionary of the 18th century, was a daughter of Ignacio’s eldest son Anselmo and a Tingian house servant in the Cariño household in Candon. When her husband was executed, she fled to Abra and took refuge in Tayum, in the house of her uncle Nicolas, Anselmo’s brother. The names above are the direct descendants of Nicolas and their ancestral home is home also today to the Cariño museum “CASA MUSEO CARIÑO“. Maintained with loving care by Rosario Cariño one can visit the room occupied by Gabriela when she lived there.

The family are still living in the ancestral house and former headquarters of Gabriela Silang in Tayum, Abra now a Museum and Art Gallery that holds one of the most diverse art work and Antique collections in the Philippines the collection includes Thousands of Antiques from all around the world with some paintings from great painters like Pablo Picasso, Juan Luna, Pablo Amorsolo, Domenico Ghirlandaio, Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, XIX originals collected by the Family over the centuries.

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  1. Lee Junio - Gasid says:

    Good day Mr. Gloman Merritt! This is Lee of GMA News and Public Affairs. We are planning to film on tv the love story of Diego and Gabriela Silang for our anniversary special of “Wagas” in GMA News TV. We wish to interview you the soonest time possible as a descendant. May I please get your cellphone number sir?

  2. My husband and I will be attending an even in Bangued this Sunday on November 29, and will be arriving from Manila in the afternoon of November 28. We would like to sign up for a tour of the Cariño Museum and Ancestral Home. May I know your contact number? I hope to hear from you regarding the time we may visit. Thank you!

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